About Malaika

Founded in 2007 by Noëlla Coursaris Musunka with an amazing, innovative team, Malaika has grown into a fully-functioning ecosystem that consists of:


A free, accredited school that provides a comprehensive education to 370 girls


A community center that offers a range of programs to 5,000 youth and adults


A clean water program with 20 wells that services over 30,000 people each year


A sustainable agricultural program that helps provide two nutritious meals each day to students and staff


Malaika’s community-driven approach serves as a symbiotic model that can be replicated on a global scale in communities and organisations throughout Africa and the world.


Their community-driven model has been integral to our success over the last 13 years since our founding. Through a comprehensive, local approach, an entire village has undergone a transformative ripple effect. And it all starts with education: an educated woman is more likely to give back to her community, to inspire others to attend school, and to cultivate a sense of independence among both her peers and the next generation.


Malaika has even built lifesaving, essential infrastructure for the community. Each year, their 20 wells supply fresh, clean water to over 30,000 people, reducing disease and illness.


As well as spreading knowledge, tools and tips and leading by example. They grow organic fruit and vegetables on the school premises, which go towards providing two nutritious meals per day for all staff and students which are often the only two meals they may receive.


Outside of the school gates, they ensure the entire community thrives. Their Kalebuka Football for Hope Centre, opened in 2013 in partnership with FIFA, provides a hub of learning for over 5,000 youth and adults each year.

From free literacy and vocational education to sports programs and regular access to the internet, they are empowering lives from the ground up.

At Malaika, they believe that this community-driven model can, and should, be adopted on the global stage and Academia want to help this drive.


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